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The world encompasses a varying geographical and social landscape.

Geographically, there is a vast wetland in the very west, which then, moving east, borders a great forest. Moving further east, there are foothills and then mountains to the north, with plains south of them, and a jungle inhabited by Gnomes further south. The eastern continent consists of a very temperate climate with lighter forests to the north, and dry deserts to the south.

The western wetlands are inhabited by Lizards. The great forest east of the wetlands is inhabited by Elves, the mountains are inhabited by Dwarves, humans occupy the plains, and Gnomes occupy the southern jungle.

The Eastern Continent was inhabited long after the moment of creation, roughly 5,000 years prior to the present day. Although sufficient technology existed, it wasn’t until Humans had the desire to go there that lands outside of the western mainland were explored, and this is when the eastern continent was discovered. Because of its more recent settlement, it has developed an entirely different system. More specific informaiton on this can be found on its respective wiki page.


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