Fight Club v1

Ye Olde Grand History of Adventures

The player party was spawned in the town of Norta Hara. However, the party wasn’t a party at first. Only two would-be members actually knew each other beforehand, and the rest were acting individually.

The party became a party in a rather unconventional manner. Whilst enjoying breakfast one morning in Norta Hara’s local tavern, there was a small scene. An old Lizardfolk fur trader, Lokir, was fed up with a band of thieves repeatedly stealing from his traps. Lokir depends on these traps for all of his income, and was obviously in a less-than-desirable position with his entire bounty being taken. He was in the tavern to ask for help so that he and whomever were at his side could finish off these bandits and return Lokir’s life to normalcy. However, no one immediately took up Lokir’s offer. This aggravated him, and in a mocking manner, Lokir shouted his proposal to the entire room. Unexpectedly, six men took him up on it. Although disappointed that only one of these people was a fellow local, Lokir was happy that he would finally be able to solve his problem.

Lokir had done the necessary reconnaissance and planning required to set up a sting operation. Lokir discovered that the bandits followed a blatant pattern in their thievery. Night after night, a group of three would simply follow the route which Lokir himself would usually take, and methodically take each trap’s catch for themselves. Lokir decided where along this route would be best for an ambush, and this operation was a flawless success. One bandit was killed, and the other two captured, and very thoroughly convinced not to bother Norta Hara again.

Afterwards, the party and Lokir were enjoying some relaxation at Lokir’s small yet well adorned residence. Lokir informed the party that travelling to Centra Hara, the capital of the Lizardfolk nation which lies south of Norta Hara, is extremely difficult. This is due to the nature of the route required to reach the city, which consists only of a spiderweb arrangement of small footpaths crisscrossing the swampy woods. Additionally, these paths are filled with less than admirable beings who make a living off of stealing from unwary travelers. Lokir finally adds that he needs himself to go to Centra Hara, but isn’t stupid nor brave enough to face the journey alone. He would like the party to accompany him on this journey, and in return for their protection, Lokir offers to guide them south.

After Lokir’s debrief, everyone heads to the local tavern. Choppy McStabstab unsuccessfully tries to take a pretty woman to bed (well, he did take her to bed, but nothing more.) However, the important thing that happens here is a new addition to the party. She strode in to the bar, and the entire place ceased to stare. She’s tall and slim, but extremely fit. Her entire body appears pale; light blonde hair, pale skin, clear blue eyes. She has sharp facial features, which may hint at some amount of Elven descent. However- her entire body sheens silver when in bright light. Her light blonde hair shines silver when well lit, her eyes change to a dark slate-silver color, and her skin appears to have a shiny, almost scaly appearance in the same bright light. She informs that her name is Nicca.

She is very vague about her past and her motives, and is very quiet about everything else in general. She only makes it known that she wishes to join the group in their trek to Centra Hara, and quickly leaves once this is agreed upon.

That morning, the entire group meets at Lokir’s house once again, and everyone sets off southward. The road leading out of town quickly peters in to a small footpath through the woods. This path is occasionally forks, is crossed by other paths, and sometimes alltogether disappears. It is clear that one who did not know the way would quickly become lost. Roughly halfway through the journey, the group is ambushed by five bandits. Lokir shows that while older and not able to move as fluently as in his younger days, he is no slouch in combat. Nicca appears to be a well-disciplined expert with the two short blades she wielded in this encounter, and proves that she isn’t to be easily contested with. One bandit is killed, and the rest stripped of their belongings and sent in the opposite direction of the group, well intimidated to not bother again. The criminals appeared to have been rather successful, each being well outfitted and carrying a healthy bounty of gold coins.

After this encounter, the group seemed to ‘gel’ much more than before. Having fought together against a common enemy has helped the entire party to trust one another, even without saying it. Even Nicca managed to sustain some small-talk conversation.

The group trekked a bit further, but the sun was starting to hang low in the sky. Lokir knew of a nice clearing that was fairly far off of the beaten path, and everyone peacefully made camp for the night.


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